I’m a recent university graduate currently working for n.able at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Bristol

I studied at the University of Bath in England and on the whole I’d recommend the course to anyone looking for a decent university. It has a good grounding in both theory and skills practically useful in industry, with a decent degree of personal choice over what you study in the final year

Most of the posts on here are about things I develop but other random stuff may slip in from time to time. I particularly like to play SysAdmin with things and post about that

In case you’re wondering I have development experience in BennuGD, C, Fenix, Java, Lisp, Perl, Powershell, PHP, Python and Scheme

I also really like LaTeX, it makes elegant documents and lets you focus on the content. Plus since it’s plain text it works well with version control tools like git so you get nice things like logging and history