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  1. Homeplug Rebooting Scripts

    I use homeplugs for some of the networking in my flat and unfortunately over time they seem to degrade and get into a mess. This leads to high pings and even failure to function at all but thankfully a reset fixes this. However, it’s a pain to wander around ...

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  2. Crapong

    Crapong is a game written in the Fenix programming language for the GP2x handheld and happens to be the first game I released. It is a very basic Pong clone written for the GP2x Community Competition as a learning experience with Fenix. Despite the games simplicity it still managed to ...

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  3. Boomshine2x

    Boomshine2x is a game written in the Fenix programming language available for the GP2x and the GP2x Wiz handhelds. It is the second game I released and is an authorised clone of the flash game Boomshine, developed by Danny Miller, written for the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition. The game was ...

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