1. Homeplug Rebooting Scripts

    I use homeplugs for some of the networking in my flat and unfortunately over time they seem to degrade and get into a mess. This leads to high pings and even failure to function at all but thankfully a reset fixes this. However, it’s a pain to wander around ...

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  2. Recent Downtime

    My apologies to anyone who couldn’t reach the site the past couple of days. My ISP BT managed to somehow blow up my phone line and it took three days to fix properly. That said, I’m not convinced it is fixed properly as my VDSL2 connection is now ...

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  3. Falling At The First Hurdle

    I’ve had to change the theme of the blog since due to the intricacies of CSS if there were a lot of tags or a small preview then bad things would happen with horizontal lines. As can be seen from the following screenshot:

    broken themes

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  4. Static Blog

    Since this site will be running on a lowly Raspberry Pi now I’ve moved over to using a statically generated blog powered by Pelican running on top of Nginx. Seems to be able to handle around 150 requests per second which is more than enough for now.

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  5. Hosting Migration

    I’ve decided to move the site over to a different web host since I’ve not really ever had satisfactory service from my current host, Servage.

    Servage offer shared-managed hosting which they appear to oversell to a massive degree. The terrible MySQL performance I pretty consistently got from them ...

  6. Blog Reboot

    A couple of months ago I made a post on here stating that I was going to reset this blog. This post marks the fact that I have now done so as planned.

    I’ve done this mainly for one reason. I originally started this blog as a means to ...

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  7. Crapong

    Crapong is a game written in the Fenix programming language for the GP2x handheld and happens to be the first game I released. It is a very basic Pong clone written for the GP2x Community Competition as a learning experience with Fenix. Despite the games simplicity it still managed to ...

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  8. Boomshine2x

    Boomshine2x is a game written in the Fenix programming language available for the GP2x and the GP2x Wiz handhelds. It is the second game I released and is an authorised clone of the flash game Boomshine, developed by Danny Miller, written for the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition. The game was ...

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